first nation governments

Our team works closely with First Nation governments on wide ranging issues related to band governance, employment law, protection of rights, stewardship of lands and resources, administration of social programs, and economic development.

indigenous organizations & indigenous businesses

We provide legal services in a variety of areas, including labour and employment law and general legal counsel, that can support Indigenous businesses and organizations doing great work in a variety of areas, including education, training, health, child and family services, housing, and economic development.

not-for-profit entities

Our firm provides strategic advice to assist not-for-profit entities maintain good governance, stay in compliance with the complex regulatory regimes, and navigate myriad corporate or labour and employment related issues.


Whether you are looking to complete your will or powers of attorney, or need advice on litigation matters (especially for employment issues), our firm can assist you in navigating through difficult times.

workplace harassment investigations

Our firm conducts workplace harassment investigations for companies and organizations, both under provincial Ontario harassment laws and federal workplace harassment regulations. 


We provide legal advice on immigration, refugee, and citizenship matters, and as required, legal representation on applications and in legal proceedings.